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       Anywave Communication Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The company's core technical team has great experience in the development of digital TV technologies and has made significant contributions to various digital TV standards around the world.


       Based on its innovative technologies in direct digital RF, adaptive digital pre-correction, and echo cancellation, the company has independently developed a series of high performance digital TV transmission system equipment and has become a leading supplier in the digital broadcast market.


       The company has modern manufacturing facility and experienced technical support team. It can provide customers not only with reliable products, but also with optimum system solutions, to help reduce network construction and operating costs, improve signal coverage, increase the emission efficiency, and enhance system stability.


       The main products of the company include:


       Exciter Series: CMMB, CTTB, ATSC/MH, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T

       The High Efficiency RF Power Amplifier/Transmitters in UHF Band IV and V, VHF Band I and III: 2W, 20W, 50W, 100W, 200W, 400W, 1KW

       RF Signal Processing Series: ICS Module, Wideband Signal Processing, High Precision Microwave Frequency-Conversion Module


        At ANYWAVE we believe:


   … that the highest levels of quality and excellence begin with simple sound solutions,

   … that our customers should receive the very best without having to pay extra for it,

   … that we always need to “be there”, providing world-class 24/7 support and service,

   … that it is important to work harder than the rest, to bring you the technology of the future – today,

   … your success is our success.


         - THE ANYWAVE TEAM   

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